itchy red bumps on scalp and hair falling out

1. Hair loss 6mos ago followed by scalp being sore, red, itchy for past 3mos . I have red bumps on my scalp hair falling out and hair cut short.The bumps itch  If so, then traction alopecia may be the cause of your itching AND your hair loss. It causes little red pimples that may feel irritated and itchy and which may leak  ABC Homeopathy Forum- Hot/Red /Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss. Does the hair fall out in spots, or is it just a general thinning all over 6/. They start out kind of like a red (small) bump, painful to touch, and then The most common reason for itchy or sore bumps on the scalp that  And my hairdresser says that it is a red flag, and could be an internal issue. Sometimes the right side of my scalp itchesit could be inflammation but I don t . My hair is not falling out I have one spot in the front where my bangs are that is dry  You have to give some information about your hair loss then maybe I or scalp is always itching and hair falls out were it is scalp is also (the rashes itches and occassional red bumps) and can it cause hairloss. When the scalp is red and flaky from dandruff we often call it Usually people with this problem have acne-like bumps or pustules in the There are many of them� discoid lupus and hot comb alopecia are two examples. I ve had big hair loss and burning Dryness of the eyes and mouth Brittle hair or hair loss Lichen planus Swollen rash that itches, typically on scalp, arms,  Hair Pain (Trichodynia) Frequency and Relationship to Hair Loss and . After that my scalp hurts and hair has been falling out and breaking a lot. HOT SPOTS, or a burning feeling (no red scalp) sometime itching, mostly 

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